BlackBerry Usage Instructions

System Requirements

The BlackBerry versions of our Mangas can be directly read from our web server without storing any files on your BlackBerry device.

For this you need a BlackBerry device with

  • a Web Browser that can access the Internet (i.e. not only your companies Intranet using the BlackBerrys Mobile Data Service) and display SVG graphics files
  • a graphical display (greyscale or color) with a minimal resolution of 240 x 160 pixels

The BlackBerry devices of the 72xx or 77xx series and a system software of at least version 3.7 normally fulfill these requirements.


For reading our software just start the link to the first picture either by double clicking on a link on one of our WAP pages (e.g. for the demo version) or by selecting “Go To...” from the Trackwheel menu or your WAP Browser and entering the link manually.

The Manga picture can then be read one after the other, i.e. every picture is loaded separately together with all explanations for the picture as one file.


For every Manga picture you find a list of explanation buttons on the right side of the picture. By scrolling through the buttons with the Trackwheel the explained phrase is marked within the Manga picture with blue rectangles.

A double click on the Pict + and Pict - buttons brings you to the next and previous picture. The pictures are carrying a number between these buttons. This number can be used to jump from the start page directly to a certain picture. (Feature not available with the demo version.)

A double click with the Trackwheel on one of the explanation buttons displays the appropriate explanation:

You can return to the picture by double clicking on the Picture button. From time to time you may find a button within the explanation called details. By clicking on this button you get some more explanations which go deeper into detail or prepare some kind of general overview.